Schallwende Presents HELLO2020: UNI Sphere Live at the Zeiss Planetarium Bochum (DE)

Schallwende presents HELLO2020 with UNI Sphere. On December 30th 2019, UNI Sphere (Eric van der Heijden and Rene Splinter) will perform at the Zeiss Planetarium Bochum (DE) to say goodbye to 2019 and say hello to 2020. UNI Sphere will guide you through a musical journey through time and space. UNI Sphere is currently working on a new album. Some of this new material will also be performed. Please check the website of the Planetarium Bochum for more details and how to order your tickets.

UNI Sphere Live at the Schallwede Award Ceremony

UNISphere (Eric van der Heijden and Rene Splinter) will perform at the 2017 Schallwelle Award Ceremony on February 17th 2018 at the Rohrmeisterei in Schwerte (DE). Other artists performing are Johannes Schmoelling, VoLt, Stefan Erbe and Sasa Tosic. Come and see us and get a glimpse of our latest yet to be released music. And get the unique chance to meet some of the most iconic musicians of electronic music, who might be present to collect their Schallwelle Award. More info at .


The website has undergone a makeover and is put online today. We have been working on migrating the content of the previous version during the past weeks. Most pages have returned, some pages will return soon and some probably won’t.

Please keep posted for more changes, as the site is still undergoing some clean ups and finishing touches.


Until now, my latest release “Frames” was only avaiable as a physical CD through Groove Unlimited. Starting a few weeks ago, “Frames” is also available as a digital download on Groove Unlimited (both mp3 as well as FLAC).

And starting today, “Frames” is now also available as both physical CD as well as digital downloads at CD-Baby. Please follow this link to get to the album page on CD-Baby, where you can also hear some peviews.

Soon, “Frames” will also become available as a digital download on iTunes. More on that, as soon as it is available.


You are probably dissapointed to learn that I didn’t win any of the Schallwelle Awards I was nominated for, of which the ceremony was held at the Planetarium Bochum last Saturday. However, I had a great time at the Awards Ceremony, and I think the actual winners, Vile Electrodes, have greatly deserved their prices. I was at their concert at the Electronic Circus Festival last year, and was very impressed by their performance and appearance.

I had a great time though, as I was invited to perform a special piece together with Eric van der Heijden during his concert at the event. We performed our track that we composed especially for Sylvia Sommerfeld of the Schallwende Association. It was great meeting fans and fellow artists.


It’s the time of the year again. Yes, you’ve got it right: It’s voting time again and I’m on the nominations lists.

Schallwende’s ‘Schallwelle-awards’ will be given to the best National (Germany) and International artist of electronic music in 2013, as well as best National Album and International electronic music album of 2013. The award ceremony is at the Planetarium Bochum on March 29th 2014. It’s the most important European award for electronic music makers.

And now it’s your chance again to decide who will be the winner of above mentioned awards by visiting this site Schallwelle Awards and select 3 of your favorites of each category before January 31st 2014!

Oh and by the way, I am actually to be found in two categories: Best International Artist 2013 (Wahl Künstler 2013 Inernational) as ‘Rene Splinter‘ and Best International Album 2013 (Wahl Album 2013 International) with ‘Rene Splinter – Modern Ruins‘. It would mean a great deal to me if you’d vote for me and Modern Ruins.

Thank’s for your support!