“Frames” has become a very personal album to me. With “Frames” I take you with me in a trip through my fascination of film – in particular the celluloid version of moving and still images.

I always get mesmerized by the imagination of a movie projector showing an image of light though a new still frame every 24 frames per second, which is a direct reflection of the cinematographer’s vision.

Grain, scratches, dirt, faded colors and degrading film emulsion add even more magic to this experience.

Tracklist of Frames:

1 Celluloid Skyline
2 Strangers in the Land of Sunder
3 Two Wanderers above the Sea of Fog
4 The Road to Transylvania
5 Stereopticon
6 Laterna Magica
7 Frames
8 Instant Memory

Composed, performed and produced by René Splinter
Mastering by Ron Boots and René Splinter

Artwork by René Splinter

Special thanks to:
Zhen Lin, Jan-Cees Smit, Arie Vuyk, Souw TikHien, Het Groot & Bert Schuiling (Theremin / Polysix), Mark Guntlisbergen, Eric van der Heijden, Sylvia & Klaus Sommerfeld, Ron Boots, Phil Booth.

“Frames” is available on physical CD by following this link:
CD of “Frames”

The album is now also available as FLAC or MP3 Digital Download at GrooveUnlimited:
FLAC Download of “Frames”
MP3 Download of “Frames”

Rene Splinter: Frames



Musikzirkus-Magazin (Stephan Schelle)

“Im letzten Jahr überzeugte der niederländische Elektroniker René Splinter mit seinem Album „Modern Ruins“ auf ganzer Länge. Das Album war das Beste, was Tangerine Dream nicht veröffentlichten. Sein neuestes Werk nennt sich „Frames“, und nach dem Vorgänger war die Erwartungshaltung entsprechend hoch.

“René Splinter mausert sich zu einem großen Namen der Szene. Auch sein neuestes Werk „Frames“ zeigt die gleiche Qualität, wie sie schon auf „Modern Ruins“ zu hören war. Wer Tangerine Dream der 80er mag, der bekommt hier bestes Futter für seinen Player. Ein tolles Album.”

Read the full article by Stephan Schelle at Musikzirkus-Magazin.de.

Sonic Immersions (Bert Stolenberg)

“… All the listener has to do to get in a fine mood is simply enjoy the heart and soul the composer has put into “Frames”….”

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