UNI Sphere are Eric van der Heijden and Rene Splinter

Telling stories in a Universal Language. The Language of Music.
UNI Sphere – TempUS

TempUS is the second studio album by UNI Sphere. TempUS is awarded with the Schallwelle Preis for Best Album International 2021.

We are all temporary!

Take care of yourselves, your loved ones, those who need your help.

And the Unique Sphere we live on.

Be kind to all beings!

Treasure the moments together.


  1. The Calling for Dawn
  2. Le Temps Retrouvé
  3. In Transition
  4. Reflections
  5. Post Meridian (11:35 pm)
  6. Technical Instrument for Measurement of Existence
  7. Reunification

Total Playing Time: 1:04:36

This album is dedicated to Adrie and Johan, who reminded us of being temporary.

Composed, performed and produced by
Eric van der Heijden and René Splinter
Mastering by Ron Boots

Graphic design by René Splinter

“TempUS” is available on physical CD by following this link:
CD of “TempUS”

or as digital download on Bandcamp.