UNI Sphere are Eric van der Heijden and Rene Splinter

Telling stories in a Universal Language. The Language of Music.
EndLess EndeavoR
UNI Sphere – EndLess EndeavoR

EndLess EndeavoR is the debut album by UNI Sphere. UNI Sphere is the latest cooperation between Eric van der Heijden and Rene Splinter.

Hear, Listen and Feel Our Stories…
… And Your Own.


  1. Pivoting Pathways
  2. Radiant Realm
  3. Vulnerable Values
  4. Jocular Jive
  5. Compromising Colors
  6. Endless Endeavour (Part 1, 2 and 3)
  7. Liberating Loyalty
  8. Eloquent Exposure *
  9. Obviously Orbiting
  10. Contemplating Calmness

* a.k.a. Colorful Fields of Summer

Composed, performed and produced by
Eric van der Heijden and René Splinter
Mastering by Ron Boots

Artwork by Eric van der Heijden

Special thanks to:
André, Rob & Noortje, BieBie, Leon, Arie, Maik, Sylvia, Ron.

“EndLess EndeavoR” is available on physical CD by following this link:
CD of “EndLess EndeavoR”

or as digital download on CD Baby and iTunes.


Sylvia Sommerfeld (Schallwende)

With the debut album “Endless Endeavor” UNI Sphere have succeeded making a masterpiece. A CD with 10 titles that have IT in them. A lot of different styles of electronic music can be heard on this CD. Powerful, but also very gentle piano sounds mingle with artfully composed melodies and are interwoven with extra-ordinary sound scapes.

Actually, both Eric van der Heijden as well as René Splinter are representatives of the more quieter electronic music but in this album they surprise with impressive pieces, such as the opener “Pivoting Pathways” which treats us with a lot of percussion power.

“Radiant Realm” has a catchy haunting piano with a heavy bass drum, which runs through the entire title. Quite surprisingly sounds Title 4 “Jocular Jive”. In this piece, René and Eric come out as “jazz musicians”. So “oblique” sounds I would have now not expected from the two. Class!

“Jocular Jive” is really completely different music than anyone previously knew of the two “pianissimo” and alone therefore very worth listening to.
I will not go into every title of this fantastic CD now, so you can be impressed by the music itself. Nevertheless, I have 3 more personal favorites in this album, peppered with highlights

The gentle “Liberating Loyalty”, the power circuit closing title called “Contemplating Calmness”, with which Eric and René will mesmerize every concert hall and, of course – my title of the year – “Eloquent Exposure”, previously known as “Colorful Fields of Summer” that until now only has been played live.

At last, I can play my title, (because this composition Eric and René composed especially for me ) at any time. For their CD “Endless Endeavor” the two have revised my title again and gave it very special finishing touches. In this version, it sounds even better, although that wasn’t nearly possible. – For this wonderful piece, my thanks to you will be eternal !

Never ever I have liked and appreciated an album so much as this. That’s why I have proposed the those 4 tracks as “Title of the Year”, and “Endless Endeavor” as my absolute favorite album.

UNI Sphere’s Endless Endeavor: Music like from another planet. – Music that touches the soul. Music that goes into the heart. In short: music that brings magical moments and brightens the darker days. Music, the way I like it! – A big thank you, dear Eric and dear René!

Music is the language that connects everyone !