Rene Splinter – Singularities

We are all time travellers, whether we want it or not. Together, we are travelling with a one way ticket to the future. Time is taking us to what is ahead of us, and there is no way of stopping it. Although there are several ways to define time, such as the fourth dimension, a unit to calculate velocity, or simply the dials on your watch, it’s impossible to get control over it. Time has control over us. You can only look back in time, but you can’t change it. The fourth dimension is the one in which you can’t move around freely…

Please join me with my expedition through all four dimensions and beyond.

1 Singularities
2 Lucid Dreaming
3 The Time Traveller
4 Timescapes
5 Lemniscate
6 Before Babel
7 The Lighthouse

Composed, performed and produced by René Splinter
Recorded between December 2010 and November 2011
Mastering by Ron Boots and René Splinter

Artwork by René Maagdenberg ( and René Splinter
Photography by Zhen Lin and René Splinter
Painting at inner sleeve by René Maagdenberg

Special thanks to:
Zhen Lin, Jan-Cees Smit, Arie Vuyk, René Maagdenberg, Mark Guntlisbergen, John C. Hyam, Sylvia & Klaus Sommerfeld, Bernd Scholl, Ron Boots

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