Rene Splinter - Almery
Rene Splinter – Almery

This project must have been initialized somewhere early 1989. About three years earlier, I was introduced to the world of electronic music by my best friend Maik. We have been gathering several ideas that should form the roots to a complete album. The conceptual idea was to have an introduction of some short stories, followed by a main long track, that would complete the story. This all would then be released on a compact cassette.

The project was finished late 1989. The recording process was quite primitive. Just a few tape decks, a noisy disco-mixing desk, and a great Roland reverb unit were the recording tools. There was no way to repair mistakes, and everything was played manually, besides the sequencer and drum parts, which were programmed inside the synths. No computers were available for me at the time.

Even though this seems like a great limitation, I can only recall the great fun I had during the creation of Almery. All tracks are influenced by sounds, colors, and anything else that happened around me at the time.

The main instrument used on Almery was the Elka Synthex, supported by the SCI Pro-One. Korg Mono/Poly and Yamaha CS20M. Rhythm and sequencer parts were all synth’s internal sequencers, plus a Roland CSQ600 and drum computers (Korg DDD1 and Roland TR808).

In 2010, 20 years after it’s origin, Almery was again remastered and released on MellowJet Records.

Some copies are available directly from my site, now for just € 12,99 (exc. shipping).